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A Fast Road to the Study of EmotionsAn Introduction【電子書籍】[ Arne Vikan ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】A Fast Road to the Study of EmotionsAn Introduction【電子書籍】[ Arne Vikan ]

<p>This book is an ideal introduction to work in psychology and the neurosciences. Walking us through the key topics including historical, developmental and cultural perspectives, the book shows that the different types of emotions each is an evolved adaptive structure that serves a functional purpose. It is shown how these types are expressed differently on the human face, how they are developed in the child, and how they influence and are influenced by culture, health and the ways persons think and perceive. Knowledge of emotions is essential for anyone who plans to work, or whose work already involves, helping, instructing, negotiating, or controlling others. This introductory-level book teaches undergraduates as well as general readers the main components and methods, and helps readers to better understand how emotions operate both within the body and out in the world. It is a valuable resource for undergraduate students in psychology, nursing, social work, physiotherapy and occupational therapy find this book an important accompaniment.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Meet a Baby Rabbit【電子書籍】[ Jennifer Boothroyd ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Meet a Baby Rabbit【電子書籍】[ Jennifer Boothroyd ]

<p>Baby rabbits are born without hair. They can't see or hear until they are two weeks old. They are called kits. But did you know that kits are excellent at digging? Or that they stamp their feet when they are in danger? Read this book to find out! This title also includes a life cycle diagram, a habitat map, fun facts, a glossary, and more!</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Kama Sutra 2 with Bob and Brenda

3Kama Sutra 2 with Bob and Brenda

著 者 : Paul Gwilliam出版年 : 05-Aug-2014ISBN-10 : 1291902201 ISBN-13 : 9781291902204 出版社 : Unknows

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Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult【電子書籍】

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult【電子書籍】

<p><em>Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult, Second Edition</em> has been extensively updated and expanded, with 55 new topics covering subjects such as online technologies, hospice care, mobile practices, compassion fatigue, practice profitability, and more. Carefully formatted using the popular <em>Five-Minute Veterinary Consult</em> style, the book offers fast access to authoritative information on all aspects of practice management. This Second Edition is an essential tool for running a practice, increasing revenue, and managing staff in today’s veterinary practice.</p> <p>Addressing topics ranging from client communication and management to legal issues, financial management, and human resources, the book is an invaluable resource for business management advice applicable to veterinary practice. Sample forms and further resources are now available on a companion website. Veterinarians and practice managers alike will find this book a comprehensive yet user-friendly guide for success in today’s challenging business environment.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Receitas de P?es Caseiros Com Fermento Natural【電子書籍】[ JCampos ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Receitas de P?es Caseiros Com Fermento Natural【電子書籍】[ JCampos ]

<p>Receitas de P?es Caseiros c/ Fermento Natural, Aprenda fazer P?es Caseiros com receitas passo a passo + Receita do Fermento Natural.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Tras una lengua de papelEl espa?ol del Per?【電子書籍】[ Carlos Garatea ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Tras una lengua de papelEl espa?ol del Per?【電子書籍】[ Carlos Garatea ]

<p>En esta investigaci?n, el autor establece dos ejes tem?ticos que recorren todo el libro: el reconocimiento de la diversidad y el mestizaje. Ambos temas definen su importancia conforme se avanza en la lectura y se analizan los ejemplos que se presentan. El an?lisis tiene que resolver, adem?s, el efecto de la escritura y los textos, porque ellos son los medios con los que hay que contar para trazar esa historia, y para reconstruir los contextos en los que el espa?ol fue impuesto a poblaciones con otras lengua y culturas. Este libro revela la historia del espa?ol en contacto con las lenguas andinas y los rastros de ese contacto en textos escritos durante la Colonia. No es, por cierto, una historia contada en abstracto, sino asentada en personas de carne y hueso, expuestas a una educaci?n precaria, a veces desconocida o inexistente, que, sin saberlo, participaron en la constituci?n del perfil socioling??stico del Per? actual.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Underdog Advantage: EBook Edition【電子書籍】[ David Morey ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Underdog Advantage: EBook Edition【電子書籍】[ David Morey ]

<p>The Underdog Advantage is even more relevant and true than when it was originally published. The book is about a set of proven principles that win and build a winning attitude, character and culture in the most difficult circumstances. These are principles that drive your business, marketing and communication strategies and transform your company. And they can transform your career: Established and refined over centuries of military and political experience, these principles have worked on the battlefield and at the ballot box. For 25 years, business has been applying these principles globally to corporate strategy. They have been used to develop competitive strategies, crisis solutions and cultural changes.</p> <p>Today, the advantages of the incumbent have diminished or even disappeared. In fact, consumers are empowered with a tsunami of instant information. And, as a result, the tried-and-true rules of mass marketing have been tried and are no longer true. According to David Morey and Scott Miller, two strategy consultants who have worked with Microsoft, American Express, Google, McDonald’s, Disney, Coca-Cola and Nike, it’s the underdog’s day. In The Underdog Advantage, Morey and Miller present insurgent strategy’s key concepts and show how to develop them into effective tactical planning.</p> <p>THIS BOOK WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO:<br /> BECOME AN INSURGENT:<br /> Re-focus and re-energize your strategy, organization, and culture to increase profitability and success.<br /> FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS:<br /> De-brief cutting-edge methods to learn more effectively and efficiently from consumers to create an increasingly robust and profitable marketing dialogue.<br /> RESEARCH LIKE AN INSURGENT:<br /> Special attention is given to cutting-edge data analytic and research techniques and to tracking and predicting early adopter, soft support and hard support perceptions, behaviors and opportunities.<br /> YOU WILL DISCOVER PROVEN PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS</p> <p>Adopt the Political Campaign Model:<br /> Mobilize and focus your organization. Understand what the election is all about, when “election day” is and what votes you have to move to win.<br /> Do the Doable:<br /> Focus on achievable, “momentum objectives,” and create a discipline that asks: “How is this dollar going to win a ‘vote’?”<br /> Move the Movable:<br /> Target only the votes you must and can move to win ー so focus on attitude, not demographics, and utilize our Customer OS in your marketplace and in your company.<br /> Communicate “Inside-Out”:<br /> Sell your employees, partners, friends and family ー and transfer ownership of your strategies from the inside out. This is a critical success strategy for powerful marketingーand we invented this approach.<br /> Play Offense:<br /> This is our grounding principle and the fuel for our award-winning books: Controlling the dialogue, driving change, and putting to work a core strategy to executive faster, better, and in ways that win.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Age StudiesA Sociological Examination of How We Age and are Aged through the Life Course【電子書籍】[ Dr. Susan Pickard ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Age StudiesA Sociological Examination of How We Age and are Aged through the Life Course【電子書籍】[ Dr. Susan Pickard ]

<p>"With great rigour, yet an enviable lightness of touch, Susan Pickard has written an engaging and accessible book that students will love."<br /> <em><strong>- Rosaline Gill, City University London</strong></em></p> <p>"A scholarly tour de force that brings into focus the various disciplines, histories, literatures and knowledges that have transformed us into modern subjects of age."<br /> <em><strong>- Stephen Katz, Trent University</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>Age Studies</strong></em>?takes an invigorating approach to the study?of age and ageing?in contemporary society.?Encompassing ageing throughout the life course, taking in childhood, adolescence, mid-life and older age, and situated explicitly within a sociological disciplinary framework,?<em><strong>Age Studies</strong></em>:</p> <ul> <li>Explores current social science debates on the study of ageing linking these to core sociological concepts.</li> <li>Links theory and application, using a variety of examples and international case studies</li> <li>Includes chapter summaries, further reading and guided questions.?</li> </ul> <p>A?thought-provoking companion to advanced undergraduates and postgraduate student studying ageing, older people, social gerontology and related courses.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Digital to the CoreRemastering Leadership for Your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself【電子書籍】[ Mark Raskino ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Digital to the CoreRemastering Leadership for Your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself【電子書籍】[ Mark Raskino ]

<p>There is no simple strategic method for dealing with the multidimensional nature of digital change. Even the sharpest leaders can become disoriented as change builds on change, leaving almost nothing certain. Yet to stand still is to fail. Enterprises and leaders must re-master themselves to succeed. Leaders must identify the key macro forces, then lead their organizations at three distinct levels: industry, enterprise, and self. By doing this they cannot only survive but clean up. Digital to the Core makes the case that all business leaders must understand the impact the digital revolution will continue to play in their industries, companies, and leadership style and practices. Drawing on interviews with over 30 top C-level executives in some of the world's most powerful companies and government organizations, including GE, Ford, Tory Burch, Babolat, McDonalds, Publicis and UK Government Digital Service, this book delivers practical insights from those on the front lines of major digital upheaval. The authors incorporate Gartner's annual CIO and CEO global survey research and also apply the deep knowledge and qualitative insights they have acquired as practitioners, management researchers, and advisors over decades in the business. Above all else, Raskino and Waller want companies and their top leaders to understand the full impact of digital change and integrate it at the core of their businesses.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Nieznane polsko-?ydowskie dziedzictwo【電子書籍】[ Antony Polonsky ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Nieznane polsko-?ydowskie dziedzictwo【電子書籍】[ Antony Polonsky ]

<p>Antony Polonsky i Anna Jarmusiewicz ponownie w??czaj? si? do dialogu o stosunkach polsko-?ydowskich, k?ad?c nacisk na dyskusj? o wsp?lnym dziedzictwie. Profesor Antony Polonsky ju? w drugiej po?owie lat 80. swoimi rocznikami ?Polin” zainicjowa? tego typu ?wiatow? debat?. Dyskusja taka mo?e sprzyja? poszerzeniu wiedzy oraz pokaza? z innej strony prawdziwe, pe?niejsze dzieje Polski ? kraju przez wieki wielonarodowego i wielokulturowego, kt?ry swoj? histori? i kultur? dzieli? z histori? i kultur? innych narod?w.<br /> Ksi??ka przybli?a polsko-?ydowskie dziedzictwo w wielu aspektach ?ycia: pocz?wszy od spraw polityczno-prawnych, przez gospodarcze, duchowe, kulturowe, na obyczajowych sko?czywszy. Pokazuje, ?e tolerancja w Polsce, w pewnych okresach wi?ksza ni? w innych krajach europejskich, sprzyja?a rozwojowi r??nych nacji ? a szczeg?lnie wa?na by?a dla historii i to?samo?ci ?yd?w. Autorzy podkre?laj?, jak bogate i cz?sto komplementarne by?y nasze kontakty gospodarcze czy kulturowe oraz duchowe ? oryginalne tak?e w skali europejskiej. Pokazuj? r?wnie?, ?e rzeczywisto?? wsp?lnych dziej?w, r?wnie? w dawnych wiekach, nie by?a w ?adnej mierze statyczna, cho? pozosta?a po niej r??na pami??.<br /> Ksi??ka ma cele poznawcze i edukacyjne, odpowiada na rosn?ce zainteresowanie tematyk? stosunk?w polsko-?ydowskich w r??nych generacjach i ?rodowiskach. Po publikacj? mo?e i? si?gn?? zar?wno czytelnik, kt?ry chce pog??bi? swoj? wiedz?, jak i ten, kt?ry chcia?by t? wiedz? ewentualnie skorygowa? w ?wietle kompleksowych analiz prof. Polonsky’ego, opartych na nowych badaniach. Ksi??ka pomaga pe?niej przedstawi? dzieje Polski, jak r?wnie? wyja?ni? rozbie?no?ci w ocenach naszych to?samo?ci, autostereotyp?w i mit?w historycznych.<br /> Partnerem projektu jest Muzeum Historii ?yd?w Polskich POLIN.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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貨幣崛起:金融資本如何改變世界?史及其未來之路【電子書籍】[ 尼爾.弗格森 ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】貨幣崛起:金融資本如何改變世界?史及其未來之路【電子書籍】[ 尼爾.弗格森 ]

<p>如果貨幣是這個時代的上帝,金融資本家就是這個年代的先知!<br /> 生存在現代經濟社會的我們無法否認:貨幣塑造世界?史,並決定我們的未來。<br /> 金融資本的興起標誌了工業革命的年代已經過去,全世界都捲入「以錢賺錢」的時代,<br /> 貨幣不僅是我們日常流通的現金,還包括各種金融市場的投資工具,<br /> 從現實面來看,身為金融文盲,我們淪為貧民的機會愈高,致富的可能性愈低,<br /> 從知識面而言,對於金融影響世界的力量與過程理解愈多,我們才可能穩定立足。<br /> 何況經過近年來如雷曼兄弟引起的金融危機,世界政經局勢將重新洗牌,<br /> 面對中美國(Chimerica)的興起,台灣如何應對?</p> <p>本書作者尼爾.弗格森(Niall Ferguson) 貫通?史與財經兩大領域,<br /> 是全球矚目的美國外交政策權威評論者。他不只爬梳過去,更預示未來:<br /> 中國加美國將成為占全球經濟??超過三分之一的經濟體(Chimerica),<br /> 這個有著獅頭、羊身、龍尾的古代怪獸,動見觀瞻,企圖宏偉,<br /> 而中國、美國都是台灣重要的貿易夥伴,兩國的發展嚴重牽動台灣的經濟命脈,<br /> 此一議題我們無可迴避,弗格森的見解?得深思。<br /> 本書從一個?史學家的角度,對現代金融資本主義的起源、爬升、崩陷,<br /> 做了鳥瞰式的梳理,讓我們得以理解過去,面對未來。</p> <p>這是了解金融知識的最佳?蒙書,是對金融資本主義發展的清楚詮釋<br /> 金融資本是人類?史進?的力量,也是社會罪惡的根源,<br /> 它清楚地映照人類的醜陋與墮落,但同時展示了人類的美麗與偉大。</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Small Scale Industries in India【電子書籍】[ Hemanta Saikia ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Small Scale Industries in India【電子書籍】[ Hemanta Saikia ]

<p>Industrialization has taken place in many parts of the world as a root to overcome poverty and unemployment. In this consideration, the important immediate issue is the effectiveness of industrialization programmes as a means towards accelerating economic development, since the industrial growth had not taken place equally. There is a vast disparity of industrial growth and distribution of industrial output, which is even larger than the income inequality. Equally, there are several dimensions of industrial underdevelopment that effect differently in many developing countries where the structure of production has not been changed in terms of occupational structure of the labour. On the other hand, markets available for the developing countries and structures of the world trade are different in modern times. Therefore, the existing obstacles of industrialization suggest future range of questions: are the industrial resources and the factors of production available to developing countries appropriate for the policies of industrialization, which appear to be desirable? However, present industrial technologies available in developing countries are advanced as compared to the technologies available in the 19th century. An issue that received more attention in industrial development is the question of factor proportions in industry. The production structure and factor mobility is limited in developing countries. Even though alternative means of opportunities and methods of production are large for small-scale industries, but real factor utilization rate is limited and hence it is important to assess the productive structure of such industries.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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m?ditations po?tiques alphonse lamartinem?ditation po?tiques d'alphonse lamartine collection po?sie vol 2【電子書籍】[ alphonse lamartine ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】m?ditations po?tiques alphonse lamartinem?ditation po?tiques d'alphonse lamartine collection po?sie vol 2【電子書籍】[ alphonse lamartine ]

<p>Ce recueil et m?ditations sur la po?sie de lamartine ,nous montre l'?tendue de l'oeuvre de cet auteur des plus grands du 19?me si?cle</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Marketing Communications ManagementAnalysis, Planning, Implementation【電子書籍】[ Paul Copley ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Marketing Communications ManagementAnalysis, Planning, Implementation【電子書籍】[ Paul Copley ]

<p><strong>Praise for the first edition:</strong></p> <p>?</p> <p>‘An excellent text for exploring marketing communications in the 21st century.’ - <strong>Ann Torres, Lecturer in Marketing, National University of Ireland, Galway</strong></p> <p>?</p> <p>‘First rate and comprehensive. This book has got it just right: a rich blend of academic underpinning and practical examples in a very readable style.’ <strong>- Martin Evans, Senior Teaching in Marketing, Cardiff Business School, University of Cardiff</strong></p> <p>?<br /> This?book introduces?the core components and concepts of <strong>marketing communications</strong> for those studying at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It covers essential topics such as advertising, direct marketing, corporate communications, public relations, product placement, sales promotion, social media, sponsorship and many more. The author provides a set of managerial frameworks that include analysis, planning and implementation to help prepare those who go on to strategically create and effectively manage marketing communications campaigns.</p> <p>Every chapter includes Snapshots that help you to apply theory to engaging real-world examples. These include: BMW, Harrods, Levi’s, Lynx, Tesco, Tencent, United Colors of Benetton and Wonga. Additionally, Stop Points encourage you to pause and critically reflect upon the topic for deeper learning and higher grades. The Assignment boxes invite you to test your knowledge in the form of a task based on what you have just read to also help push yourself further.</p> <p>The <strong>Companion Website</strong> includes longer case studies, video feeds and other useful web links, a larger glossary of key terms, and links to SAGE journal articles.?Password-protected resources are also available to lecturers, including: PowerPoint slides, a tutor manual, activities for the classroom and indicative responses to the assignments and discussion questions provided in each chapter.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Free FREE [ Willy Vlautin ]

【楽天ブックスならいつでも送料無料】The Free FREE [ Willy Vlautin ]

FREE Willy Vlautin PERENNIAL2014 Paperback English ISBN:9780062276742 洋書 Fiction & Literature(小説&文芸) Fiction

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Punainen timantti - eroottinen novelli【電子書籍】[ - Olrik ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Punainen timantti - eroottinen novelli【電子書籍】[ - Olrik ]

<p>Keski-ik?isen yksityisetsiv?n el?m? oli ajautunut jyrkk??n alam?keen. H?n oli aloittanut uransa poliisina, ja nyt h?nell? oli pahainen etsiv?toimisto, joka toimi my?s h?nen makuuhuoneenaan. Er??n? iltana h?nelle soittaa nuori nainen, joka ehdottaa tapaamista h?m?r?per?isess? baarissa. Yksityisetsiv? ei usko hetke?k??n naisen surullista tarinaa, mutta nainen on kuitenkin niin seksik?s, ett? h?n heitt?ytyy mukaan valheeseen. Kenties seksikk??ll? asiakkaalla on jotain muutakin mieless??n... Novelli on julkaistu yhteisty?ss? ruotsalaisen elokuvatuottajan Erika Lustin kanssa. H?nen tavoitteenaan on kuvata ihmisen luonnetta ja moninaisuutta kertomuksilla intohimosta, l?heisyydest?, rakkaudesta ja halusta yhdist?m?ll? vahvoja tarinoita ja eroottisia hupailuja.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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MarekDer kleine Nacht-Waldkobold【電子書籍】[ S?ndor Alexandre ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】MarekDer kleine Nacht-Waldkobold【電子書籍】[ S?ndor Alexandre ]

<p>Der kleine Nacht-Waldkobold Marek schleicht sich tags?ber, wenn seine Eltern schlafen, immer mal wieder aus dem Haus, um die Geschwister Irena, Kazimir und Konstantin zu beobachten, wie sie mit dem roten Rutscheauto die Spielstra?e hinabsausen. Marek w?nscht sich so sehr, mit ihnen mitzuspielen, aber seine Eltern verbieten es ihm, da Waldkobolde nachtaktiv sind und er am Tage zu schlafen hat. Sein Wunsch nach einem Rutscheauto wird immer gr??er und gr??er, bis er ganz verzweifelt ist. Doch als er die Kinder kennenlernt, traut er sich trotzdem nicht so recht, mit ihnen wirklich Freundschaft zu schlie?en. Eines Tages beschlie?en Waldtiere, das Auto von Konstantin zu Marek in den Wald zu bringen, damit er wieder fr?hlich wird. Und dies soll der Anfang einer wunderbaren Freundschaft werden.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Notice Historique Sur M. L'Abbe Vieille, Cure de Sainte-Madeleine FRE-NOTICE HISTORIQUE SUR M LA (Histoire) [ Sans Auteur ]

【楽天ブックスならいつでも送料無料】Notice Historique Sur M. L'Abbe Vieille, Cure de Sainte-Madeleine FRE-NOTICE HISTORIQUE SUR M LA (Histoire) [ Sans Auteur ]

FREーNOTICE HISTORIQUE SUR M LA Histoire Sans Auteur HACHETTE LIVRE2013 Paperback French ISBN:9782013189026 洋書 Fiction & Literature(小説&文芸) Biography & Autobiography

2903 円 (税込 / 送料込)

James Bond 24: Operation Jericho【電子書籍】[ John Gardner ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】James Bond 24: Operation Jericho【電子書籍】[ John Gardner ]

<p>James Bond macht in Kalifornien Urlaub - doch prompt wird er Zeuge des Mordes an einem amerikanischen Agenten. M besteht darauf, dass Bond und das FBI zusammenarbeiten. Bald erregt Brokenclaw Lee, halb Chinese, halb Crow-Indianer, Bonds Aufmerksamkeit. Ein gro?er Mann, der Macht und Grausamkeit ausstrahlt. In San Francisco erf?hrt James Bond mehr ?ber den geheimnisvollen Mr. Lee und sein Unterweltimperium sowie ?ber f?nf verschwundenen Wissenschaftler und ihre ultrageheime Arbeit. Und er lernt Chi-Chi kennen, seine neue wundersch?ne Partnerin. Pl?tzlich ist das Leben wieder interessant. Und sehr sehr gef?hrlich.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Cuando volvamos a casa【電子書籍】[ N?ria Gago ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Cuando volvamos a casa【電子書籍】[ N?ria Gago ]

<p>Una ciudad cualquiera, un mes cualquiera.<br /> Paula intenta hacerse cargo de su vida, pero eso no es tarea f?cil?cuando el miedo te tiene agarrada de la mano. Por suerte siempre puede?escuchar a Oceanne y cuenta con la ayuda de Manu, que, a pesar de?vivir enfadado con el mundo, siempre tiene un hueco en su cama para?ella, y tambi?n cuenta con Sergio, aunque suficiente trabajo tiene el pobre?decidiendo qu? hacer con su vida.<br /> Susana lleva a?os conviviendo con una bomba de relojer?a en su interior,?una bomba que estalla en plena cara de Roberto, que intenta entender?desesperadamente qu? le ocurre a la mujer a la que ama.<br /> ?lvaro lleva a?os cerrado al amor, cerrado a que le quieran, a modo?de auto-castigo, pero Raquel va a intentar que eso cambie.<br /> Laura, separada del padre de su hija, espera un final feliz, mientras?que Marc espera no haber jugado demasiado con fuego.<br /> Natalia ha puesto un m?sico en su vida, pero parece que ni por esas?escucha los violines.<br /> Y Salva... A Salva le bastar?a con poder viajar en el tiempo, pero esta?no es una novela de ciencia ficci?n. Aqu?, me temo, se habla de amor</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Str?msteder【電子書籍】[ J?rn Riel ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Str?msteder【電子書籍】[ J?rn Riel ]

<p>STR?MSTEDER er digte om J?rn Riels elskede Gr?nland, hvor han tilbragte 10 ?r af sit liv. Digtsamlingen udkom f?rste gang i 1979 i anledning af, at Gr?nland fik hjemmestyre.</p> <p>Str?mstedet<br /> Ved det lille str?msted<br /> ligger jeg en tid<br /> med pagajen ude.<br /> Jeg ser de bl?de bjerge<br /> Der som hendes sk?d<br /> deles af en kl?ft.</p> <p>Ofte har jeg t?nkt p?<br /> at ro derind<br /> l?gge mig i kl?ften<br /> som deler bjerget,<br /> ligge midt i kl?ften<br /> i duftende lyng<br /> og f?le bjergets varme.</p> <p>Ved det lille str?msted<br /> ligger jeg en tid<br /> med pagajen ude.</p> <p>Den danske forfatter J?rn Riel (f. 1931) debuterede med romantrilogien "Mine f?dres hus" (1970-72), men havde inden da rejst rundt i det meste af verden, blandt andet i forbindelse med forskellige erhverv. J?rn Riel var en del af Lauge Koch-ekspeditionenen (1951-53) og var efterf?lgende udstationeret i Gr?nland i 10 ?r. Imellem 1964-71 arbejdede han hern?st som FN-observat?r, f?r han omlagde sin karrierevej og blev forfatter. Riel har b?de udgivet store romaner s?vel som sm? novellesamlinger, og i 2010 blev J?rn Riel tildelt Det Danske Akademis Store Pris, der udover h?dersbevisningen best?r af 300.000 kroner.</p> <p>"J?rn Riel er en glimrende fort?ller, der mestrer den store latter, den tyste poesi, de flotte pointer." - Bent Mohn, Politiken</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

1139 円 (税込 / 送料込)

Il Pastorello Adriano【電子書籍】[ Valter Donati ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Il Pastorello Adriano【電子書籍】[ Valter Donati ]

<p>"Comportati cos?, Lucilio mio, rivendica il tuo diritto su te stesso e il tempo che fino ad oggi ti veniva portato via…"</p> <p>Il libro racconta la storia di Adriano, un pastorello che diventa imprenditore grazie anche a un imprevisto colpo di fortuna.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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A Movement Without MarchesAfrican American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia【電子書籍】[ Lisa Levenstein ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】A Movement Without MarchesAfrican American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia【電子書籍】[ Lisa Levenstein ]

<p>Lisa Levenstein reframes highly charged debates over the origins of chronic African American poverty and the social policies and political struggles that led to the postwar urban crisis. <em>A Movement Without Marches</em> follows poor black women as they traveled from some of Philadelphia's most impoverished neighborhoods into its welfare offices, courtrooms, public housing, schools, and hospitals, laying claim to an unprecedented array of government benefits and services. With these resources came new constraints, as public officials frequently responded to women's efforts by limiting benefits and attempting to control their personal lives. Scathing public narratives about women's "dependency" and their children's "illegitimacy" placed African American women and public institutions at the center of the growing opposition to black migration and civil rights in northern U.S. cities. Countering stereotypes that have long plagued public debate, Levenstein offers a new paradigm for understanding postwar U.S. history.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

2542 円 (税込 / 送料込)

Slut Wives: Before I Walk the Aisle【電子書籍】[ Andrea Martin ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Slut Wives: Before I Walk the Aisle【電子書籍】[ Andrea Martin ]

<p>He can give me everything I’ve been missing for so long…</p> <p>Candice is just a few short hours away from getting married and things are not going well. Between problems at the venue and her own self-doubt, she’s starting to panic that this wedding is some kind of crazy mistake. She needs to talk to someone, anyone, who can understand how she’s feeling.</p> <p>Short on options and tight on time, Candice calls the only person she can turn to ? her big, black ex-boyfriend, Nick. He’ll be able to make her feel better, won’t he? And she can definitely trust herself around him…</p> <p>Slut Wives is a series following naughty wives indulging in extra-marital fun, sometimes without the knowledge of their husbands. It features explicit sexual scenes and is intended for adults only.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

325 円 (税込 / 送料込)

My Deepest 50 Thoughts about Love

3My Deepest 50 Thoughts about Love

著 者 : Larry C. McCormack出版年 : 18-Dec-2008ISBN-10 : 1438938977 ISBN-13 : 9781438938974 出版社 : Unknows

1953 円 (税込 / 送料込)

The 2007 Import and Export Market for Synthetic Organic Fluorescent Brightening Agents or Luminophores in Netherlands

The 2007 Import and Export Market for Synthetic Organic Fluorescent Brightening Agents or Luminophores in Netherlands

著 者 : Philip M. Parker出版年 : 2006ISBN-10 : 0546039243 ISBN-13 : 9780546039245 出版社 : Icon Group International, Incorporated

18340 円 (税込 / 送料込)

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values ZEN & THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MA [ Robert M. Pirsig ]

【楽天ブックスならいつでも送料無料】Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values ZEN & THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MA [ Robert M. Pirsig ]

ZEN & THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MA Robert M. Pirsig PERENNIAL2005 Paperback English ISBN:9780060839871 洋書 Travel(旅行) Travel

2643 円 (税込 / 送料込)

School Days in ThailandStories from the Heart【電子書籍】[ Larry Welch ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】School Days in ThailandStories from the Heart【電子書籍】[ Larry Welch ]

<p>In 2008 I was new to Thailand and new to the amazingly wonderful world of teaching English as a second language. It was bewildering, invigorating, and life changing. No days passed that I didnt marvel at the interaction with students and teachers. At the end of two years in Thai public education I was both exhausted and exhilarated with the experience. At that time my sense of personal history persuaded me to tell this story. I hope it is one that you will enjoy. Larry Welch ---------- What People Are Saying Larry writes with humor, honesty and incredible detail. His book is full of descriptions that in some cases whet your appetite to visit the places Larry is describing. Cheryl Keane, Randwick, New South Wales, Australia Sprinkled with humor and lightness along the way Larry touches the heart of readers with his enlightening experiences. Highly recommended! Marcia Bolog, Milan, Michigan, USA This is an important book for those interested in Thailand or secondary education in a foreign country. April Zhang, Professor, Daejeon University, Daejeon, South Korea</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Viajando Al Lado De La Muerte【電子書籍】[ Jose Luis Vazquez Reynoso ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Viajando Al Lado De La Muerte【電子書籍】[ Jose Luis Vazquez Reynoso ]

<p>VIAJANDO AL LADO DE LA MUERTE, es el relato de una serie de viajes que los protagonistas realizan por vacaciones, trabajo o estudio y cuyos destinos son lugares fascinantes. En cada viaje se suceden uno o ms crmenes, los cuales resultan incomprensibles. Pero la paciencia y astucia de los personajes les lleva a ir deduciendo el quin y el porqu de los siniestros asesinatos. La lectura los har viajar por lugares mgicos como Luxor o Asun, Jerash o Petra, Capadocia o Estambul, recorrer la Alhambra o el volcn Pas, el Puerto de Manzanillo, el Central Park o la Estatua de la Libertad. Son historias que le pueden suceder a la gente comn cuando llevan a cabo un viaje de turismo. La descripcin de los sitios visitados resultarn familiares a quienes ya los conozcan y un valioso antecedente para quienes apenas vayan a emprender la aventura a esos lugares frecuentados por lo viajeros. Sin duda el lector se identificar con alguno de los protagonistas en las calles de Nueva York. Con algn personaje en el crucero por el Nilo. Con la herona de la ciudad rosada de Petra. Con el testigo de un crimen en Granada. Con un turista en las cascadas de Costa Rica. Quizs hasta con el culpable de un asesinato en Turqua. De cualquier forma, la lectura le llevar a un increble viaje en el que su compaero de tour ser la muerte.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

459 円 (税込 / 送料込)

Ruby Boat, Topaz Sea

3Ruby Boat, Topaz Sea

著 者 : Brian J. Buchanan出版年 : 20-May-2000ISBN-10 : 1587212803 ISBN-13 : 9781587212802 出版社 : Unknows

2778 円 (税込 / 送料込)